susan Lieberman & Andrea Grace


     Susan and Andrea Co-founded the Natural Healing Alliance in 2013 in response to NJ’s efforts to require all energy and light touch practitioners to become licensed massage therapists.  The NHA’s mission is to support complementary practitioners by ensuring their freedom to practice their modalities, provide our community with legislative updates and networking opportunities, and to educate legislators and the public about the benefits of natural, non-invasive healing arts.

     Susan has a BSN in Nursing and is a Licensed Massage Therapist and an MBA in Healthcare Administration.

     Andrea has had a Reiki private practice in the Usui tradition for 7 years and teaches at major teaching hospitals in NJ. She also does Past Life Regression, Theta Healing, Meditation for Adults and Children. Andrea has been a certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner (JSJ) for 14 years, is a self help instructor, and a Certified Medical Qi Gong Therapist and instructor.

Harold Bob, Md, CMD


     Harold Bob, MD, CMD is a Maryland Family Physician who integrates Reiki into his day-to-day medical care. He is currently the medical director of Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care of Maryland as well as the regional medical officer for Five Star Physician Services, LLC. He served as secretary of MedChi, the Maryland State Medical Society (1987–1991) and as president of the Maryland Medical Directors Association (2008–2012), Maryland’s chapter of AMDA (formerly known as the American Medical Directors Association, a national association dedicated to the principles of quality long term care medicine). 

     During his years with Maryland’s chapter of AMDA, Dr. Bob served as a member of the national organization’s Clinical Practice Committee and was involved in that committee’s part in the development of national, evidence-based practice guidelines. In large part because of his many hours of volunteer work on this committee and its aforementioned work, Dr. Bob was awarded AMDA’s Clinical Practice Committee Volunteer of the Year award for 2008 in which he was cited for his devoted and immeasurable helpfulness in all the clinical projects he undertook.

     In June 2008, with the assistance of his initial Reiki teacher, Robin (Littlefeather) Hannon, Dr. Bob initiated a Reiki program at Seasons Hospice in which over 30 Reiki practitioners have since participated. Dr Bob has trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho, Gendai Reiki, and Komyo Reiki and has traveled to Mount Kurama.

     In 2012, he was awarded the Maryland AMDA chapter’s Berman Award, given “in recognition of a lifetime of service as a physician to patients in long term care in Maryland.”



     Mari Hall is a multifaceted woman; a Life Skills Coach, Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. Her focus is on providing individual and couples skills to return to a balanced state. She specializes in stress reduction, women’s’ issues and family mediation services. Her goals are to continue to inspire people to remember their birthright and live life fully.


     Mari has been a teacher/practitioner of Reiki for over 30 years. She has a private practice and also does distance work and phone consultations. She travels to teach all over the world.


     She taught and lived in Europe for over 18 years. During that time she founded and still directs the International Association of Reiki. Through this association she has taught over 50,000 people Reiki and authored and had 9 books published on Reiki in many different languages.


     In 2009 Mari met Tadao Yamaguchi in Bogotá, Columbia where they were speaking at a Reiki Conference with Arjava Petter. She took her first Shoden and Okuden courses in Bogotá with Tadao and Arjava. She became a Shihan Kaku or assistant teacher of Jikiden Reiki in May 2011 and has assisted in a large number of courses since 2009 with Arjava. The seminars replicate those taught in 1930s and are based on over 65 years of treatment experience. She became a Shihan in May 2013.

     Mari is also a designer of very special one of kind prayer beads. Her designs incorporate precious and semi precious stones and prayer. She has an extensive web site devoted to the use of prayer, mantras and beads for health and harmony.




     The catalyst for Patricia's journey as a sound healer was inspired from her love for nature and being of service to others. She also had many sojourns to India where she was immersed in the power of Vedic chant.  Her fascination with sound has led her to many noted teachers like Tom Kenyon, Don Conreaux and Karina Schelde.    

     It is her passion to help others to relieve stress and create a journey to a place where the mind is empty and the Sound is full, unlocking the emotions held within their cellular memory, thus, balancing the body, mind and spirit. Whether one chooses a group or individual session, to purchase their own sound instrument, or take the Sound Immersion workshops, she is honored and looks forward to spending  time assisting others on their path to wellness.

Donna audia, rn, hn-bc


     Donna Audia, certified holistic nurse at the University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, works to develop and implement integrative medicine care plans for patients and their families.  Some of the therapies she uses to promote the healing process include Reiki, sound healing, music, art, acupressure, guided imagery, yoga, breath work, and journaling. She frequently lectures about her work with patients speaking to professionals and students around the country as well as at the University of Maryland Baltimore. 

     In 2011, she was nominated as a Daily Record Health Care Hero.  Her prior positions as a critical care nurse and her work as a pain service nurse, enable her to share her experience and to bring compassion to patients, families and staff within the University of Maryland Medical Center.

paula michal-johnson, ph.d


    Dr. Paula Michal-Johnson, a Shihan, Jikiden Reiki, was a tenured health communication associate professor at Villanova University when her Reiki adventure began in 1997. 

     She is a co-founder of The Pennsylvania Reiki Consortium that sponsors a public Reiki clinic.  In her work with the Pennsylvania Reiki Consortium they bring together Reiki practitioners of all lineages to offer a once a month public clinic in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. There they follow a clinic-wide protocol. Initially they focus on the head and the area of greatest need. Frequently they have multiple practitioners working on a client. Feedback from the clinic has been positive, with clinical indicators of pain reduction, fatigue reduction, anxiety and stress reduction.

     In April, 2014 she visited Mt. Kurama and Kyoto and takes us on a visual tour of that pilgrimage. Learning to listen to the stirrings of pilgrimage was not new for her. In 2006 a golden image of Teresa of Avila in Avila drew her to discover what her life could teach her. She answered, creating a trek to Avila. A pilgrimage was born for 2009. Years ago, Kwan Yin, the Chinese manifestation of the goddess of compassion, showed herself to Paula. In the same way, Senju Kannon, the Japanese embodiment of Kwan Yin, arrived as a dear part of Jikiden Reiki. Events again consipired to take her to Japan. Her goal was to climb Mt. Kurama dedicated to those affected by Traumatic Brain Injury. She brought with her others' prayers, issues or personal desires that would find inspiration on Mt. Kurama. Each photograph, each statement of resolve, was energized on Mt. Kurama to inspire whatever in them desired resolution.

Luann Jacobs, ma-ccc/slp, rmt


     A speech-language pathologist for 40 years working with adults with neurological disorders, Luann was trained in the practice of Reiki in 1992 and quickly saw its benefits while working with brain-injured clients. Her philosophy is that the still, quiet touch of Reiki is biofeedback for the body, and the benefit of Reiki touch is largely in the learning to use self-care touch as a daily help. Luann became a Reiki Master, the teacher level of Reiki, and incorporated a particular technology of biofeedback (Heartmath) into her clinical work after discovering this simple way to measure the qualitative experience of synchronicity of mind and body.

     Luann holds a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology from Indiana University, and studied Reiki Master Teaching at the Usui School of Natural Healing, and Komyo Kai School of Hyakuten Inamoto. Over the last 15 years Luann has focused on bringing the benefits of Reiki into the arena of medicine. She has founded and coordinated Reiki and Biofeedback Services for the George Washington University and Medical Center, including for the GW Center for Integrative Medicine since its inception in 1998. In 2004 she started Reiki Volunteer Program and brought Reiki to George Washington University Hospital as one of the first in the U.S. pilot programs for cardiac catheterization patients. She directs Reiki Volunteers for the GWU Hospital palliative care, surgical, cardiac, and medical services, and has been providing Reiki to the GW Breast Care Center since 2011.

     Luann teaches GW medical students and residents how to care for themselves as well as their patients through Reiki within the Integrative Medicine Track program at the GW Medical School.

Kathleen Lester


     Kathleen is an Animal Reiki Practitioner & Teacher living in Baltimore, MD. She founded the Animal Reiki Alliance in 2010 to bring together individuals who are complementary healing practitioners to work towards bringing professionalism and standards to our work. Kathleen shares a strong belief that these practices, when integrated with veterinary medicine, have wonderful healing benefits. Kathleen has trained all levels of Animal Reiki, volunteered her time in shelters, as well as mentoring others who volunteer in shelters and is an advocate for holistic healing for all beings. 

     Kathleen's vision is that Reiki and other complementary healing modalities will become a standard part of everyone's, human and animal, healing team. For now her primary focus is with animals and building integrity among these healing practices and veterinary care.  Kathleen received her Shinpiden Master Teacher training from both Frans Steine, International House of Reiki and Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Teacher (, and also received her Usui Reiki Master Teacher training from Tanja Anderson, MD, LMT ( Kathleen received her Canine Massage Therapist Certification (CCMT) from Brendenburg Massage Therapy in Ohio.

     Kathleen is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals and a practitioner member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). Kathleen presents at conferences, and is the author of numerous articles on holistic care for animals.