And So It Is LLC. specializes in Mind, Body & Spiritual Healing and Education for Adults and Children.

      We currently offer Reiki Practitioner Classes and Reiki Energy Healing Sessions for Adults, Children and Animals. We also provide Earth Based Shamanic Healing Energy Sessions and instruction.

     Steve Wiscombe, LMT, adds value to the traditional massage experience through wellness coaching and provides essential oil education. He is certified in the Aromatouch Technique -- a clinical application of essential oils.

     At the conference Steve will provide seated chair massages in combination with essential oil application. Oil selection will by personal preference or via biofeedback technology.

     Kate Freeman of Spa de la Paz offers Sound Massage and Reiki, and is selling original mandala art from Virginia Beach artist Kathy Rose. In Sanskrit, Mandala means "circle of the soul." Mandalas have radiating geometries and symmetrical patterns, designed to pull you into center, gently inviting you to pause and reflect. Each of Kathy's original Mandalas are created from layers of hand-cut paper, fabric, jewels, decorative adornments and other materials. Some are transferred onto shimmering metal or ceramic tiles, offering various sizes and price points. Each is unique, inspired by feeling, intuition and intention.

Jikiden Reiki - USA

     Mari Hall has a healing and wholeness center located in Houston, TX where she mentors the larger Reiki community and represents Jikiden Reiki and Arjava Petter in the USA. Mari teaches Shoden (Level One) and Okuden (Level Two) courses both in Texas at her center and abroad. She also treats clients using Jikiden Reiki.

     At the Conference Mari will have two raffle prizes and 10% sale on her prayer beads!

Contact us if You would like a spot!

Please Note:   The program and schedule are subject to change.

      Paul Rodney Turner is a former monk and lifelong student of the ancient Vedas of India. Also known as the "Food Yogi," Paul began his research into the mystical art and science of numerology and sacred geometry at the age of 19. Combining this knowledge with his passion for artistic expression, Paul created SOUL YANTRAS as a new personalized form within sacred geometry. Because a yantra can carry intention or invoke the presence of a deity a SOUL YANTRA can be created of your favourite guardian angel for protection or benediction. Over the last 30 years, Paul has traveled and lectured in 65 countries. He is a numerologist, yogi, and holistic life coach. Get your personal SOUL YANTRA for $79.95 or include a numerology reading for only $108.

     Attendees - Be in the running to WIN A FREE Numerology Reading and Soul Yantra just by signing up at our table!

     Sacred Elements Essentials is the product line of Clinical Aromatherapist Olivia MacMillan. Olivia offers a full range of products from physical healing, to natural, luxury skin care, to hand-crafted perfumes, to energetic clearing and chakra balancing. Olivia will also be custom blending inhalers on site for specific needs.

     Sacred Elements is offering the Seven Lights chakra balancing set and White Sage Smudging Spritz clearing spray at a 15% discount for Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference attendees.

Blue Skies Wellness

     Harness the restorative properties of nature in your home or office for a healing moment anytime you desire! Experience the delight of melting into a bed of warmth and light waves. Amethyst crystals, negative ions and far-infrared rays safely combine to create a soothing, rejunvenating environment that reduces stress, relieves pain and much more. FDA registered, amazing results. Enjoy a rest and become a believer.

     Complimentary Test Rests at the Conference! Plus Free Shipping on all products! Plus $100 discount on professional size Amethyst BioMat - you do not need to be a "professional" to qualify!



      We offer the following types of Reiki healing sessions and/or training classes; Usui, Sekhem-Seichim (SHSK/Egyptian), Karuna Reiki (r), Celtic, Kundalini, Lightatarian, and Karuna Ki. We also offer Crystal Healing and classes, Distance Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Bioridian (similar to Cherokee Crystal Healing), Energetic Wellbeing Process/EGWBP, Yoga, Peruvian Shamanism and Shamanic Reiki and classes.

     We sell the following products: crystals, wands, pendulums, chakra sets, Native American Healing Oils containing crystals, Crystal coated vibrational jewelry, sage, crystal malas, smokeless sage spray, crystal infused water bottles, meditation pads, and incense. 

     On the day of the conference attendees will save $5.00 with every $50.00 purchase.

     Ryan Krasney spent many years as a professional make-up artist. After searching for something beyond the sometimes superficial beauty industry, she discovered that it was the art of making people feel beautiful which resonated most in her heart. This was the shift that lead Ryan on her Reiki way!   As a Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Intuitive, and Crystal Healer, Ryan is so grateful to assist in transforming her clients from the inside out. Now, much more than recognizing their outer appearance, it is the reflection of their alignment making her clients beautiful- and so it is!

     Attendees of the Mid-Atlantic Reiki conference will receive $10 off of their first Reiki session with Skinergy.

     At La Luna Healing Arts, Nancy Andrews offers Intuitive Readings and Energy Work (Karuna, SSR and Usui Reiki, Chakra Balanceing, Crystal Balancing, Crystal Healing and more). She also offers Moon Meditations, Intuitive Development Classes and Reiki Training at Locations in Fells Point, Columbia, and Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

     Nancy uses Oracle cards, crystals, music and sound, aromatherapy, healing touch and her own intuition to provide the best healing and spiritual guidance in each session. Every session is personalized for the needs of each client. Please contact Nancy at 443-257-5948 or at

     Intuitive Readings at Expo Prices! 15 minutes for only $20!

see below for Exhibitors

      A ThetaHealing® Session is a powerful spiritual technique performed in the theta meditative state where positive and lasting changes take place. In this spiritual state we can easily access, remove and change negative or unhelpful programs and energetic blocks such as fear, unworthiness, anger, and self- criticism and any unhelpful programs that have created disharmony or disease in us mentally, spiritually, physically and or emotionally. These programs are easily replaced with positive and helpful programs such as love, worthiness, high self- esteem and so much more.  Then you will muscle test to confirm a belief or program is present and then again to confirm it has been removed.

     Theresa Smyth works with her clients in a space of love as she performs this powerful technique together using her Intuition while listening to the Divine Creator. She witnesses the clearing of negative programs or energetic blocks and watch as her clients experience immediate positive results with new positive programs. Join her for a powerful session! She is very intuitive and will share information she receives with you.

     Theresa will be offering 10 or 20 minute Thetahealing sessions @ $2.00 a minute for conference attendees. Ask for her special attendee rates for longer healing sessions too!

Reiki Goddess Jewelry

     Kathie Bray uses Reiki energy to enhance each piece of handmade jewelry with special healing for the person that is wearing it. She offers a wide variety of handmade glass beads, semi-precious stones, pearls and sterling silver products.

     Special discounts will be available for all attendees on the day of the conference. Stop in to find your perfect piece!

     Rev. Mary Perry is a teacher of light and transformation and through her business, Wings Unfurled, brings this enchantment and wonder to you so you can move to your sacred self, embracing the world of angels and guidance from spirit.

   Rev. Mary Perry's angelic guidance provides the basis of all of her services and she uses a variety of healing modalities depending on the client needs or desires. These modalities include; Sound Massage, Angel Readings, Kundalini Reiki Sessions, Integrated Energy Therapy Sessions, Crystal Healing Sessions, and Meditations.

     Just for the Conference Mary will be offering Angel Readings - $25 for 15 minutes - look for her!

      Breathe Bookstore Café serves the community by providing books, gifts, events and food to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Serving vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, Ayurvedic and raw foods, as well as artisanal coffee and tea, fresh vegetable juices and we have free WiFi! Indoor and outdoor seating available. 

     Serving Inspired Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw & Ayurvedic sweets, savories, soups & salads, organic coffee and tea, fresh juice and more -- breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything in between. We never use white sugar, white flour or anything processed. 

     All your spiritual needs are met with books and gifts on meditation, yoga, vegetarianism, ayurveda, alternative health & healing for humans and animals, tarot and oracle cards, gem stones, journals and more!

7:15 am         Registration

8:00 am         Welcome & Introduction

8:30 am         Animal Reiki - presented by Kathleen Lester

9:30 am         Addressing State Licensure - a  discussion with Susan Lieberman & Andrea Grace

                         including audience Q&A

10:45 am       Keynote presenter: Mari Hall - "In The Heart Of Reiki There Is Only Love."

11:45 am       Lunch (on your own)

1:15 pm         Networking Event (and meet the presenters)

2:15 pm         Sound Immersion: an experience with Patricia Norton

2:30 pm         Panel Discussion - Healthcare Programs Incorporating Reiki

                         with Dr. Harold Bob, Luann Jacobs & Donna Audia, including audience Q&A

4:30 pm         A Pilgramage to Japan - shared by Paula Michal-Johnson

5:15 pm        Closing Remarks