Panel Discussion

- Healthcare Programs Incorporating Reiki

with Dr. Harold Bob, Luann Jacobs, & Donna Audia


    This session will focus specifically on programs incorporating Reiki for patients in a variety of healthcare settings.  We’ll hear about the programs at George Washington University Hospital, University of Maryland’s Shock Trauma Center and Seasons Hospice from the individuals who established these programs.  They will share how these programs were started, how they incorporate Reiki, the bumps in the road and how their programs since have been accepted and expanded.   Take away ideas from three experts for beginning or joining a program in your local area.

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KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - "In The Heart Of Reiki There Is Only Love"

Nov. 1, 2014

mari hall

Shihan/Reiki Master

     Mari Hall is the Founder and Director of the International Association of Reiki. Through this association she has taught over 50,000 people Reiki. Mari has been a Reiki practitioner/teacher for over 30 years though she currently teaches only Jikiden Reiki. 

     She is also the Best Selling Author of: 'Practical Reiki', 'Reiki for Common Ailments', 'Reiki for the Soul', 'Reiki for the Soul, the 11th doorway', and 'Reiki, Practical Ways to Harmony.'  Her books on Reiki have been published in many different languages.

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2014 conference details

A Pilgrimage To Japan

with Paula Michal-Johnson


     In this visually rich talk, Paula will take us on a journey through the inner and outer experiences that brought her to Japan’s Reiki Sites.  More than a trip, she recounts the key elements that distinguish a pilgrimage from a travel log. You will see Mt. Kurama, including where Mikao Usui likely had his enlightenment experience, his gravesite, temples devoted to Senju Kannon, the goddess of compassion in Japan and sense the “onsen” or spa at the base of Kurama.  

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Animal Reiki

with Kathleen Lester

    What is new and exciting in the world of Reiki for animals?  We’ll hear how this area of our field is growing and becoming established in a variety of professional and volunteer programs.  Whether you have an animal Reiki practice, would like to start one or even if you don’t anticipate practicing with animals you’ll enjoy this enlightening presentation by an expert in the field and the founder of The Animal Reiki Alliance.

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Sound Immersion

with Patricia Norton

    Patricia will be offering us the experience of how it feels to ride the frequency of sound into the stillness and bliss of the One Heart of our collective existence. The frequencies from ​vocal tones, mantras, quartz crystal, Himalayan bowls and the gong act as keys to unlock denser energies​ such as unhealthy beliefs, traumas and stories ​that may be held within​ our cellular memory.​   

     Sound with heartfelt intention bypasses the analytical hemisphere of the brain allowing us to LET GO and move into the creative and intuitive hemisphere where we have free reign. Through tone and intention we can refine and attune to our inner and outer worlds.  Expand your Light bodies into that place where there is only LOVE. Everything else is an illusion.

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Addressing State Licensure

with Susan Lieberman & Andrea Grace

    Long-time activists and founders of the Natural Healing Alliance will share their vision for addressing State efforts to regulate Reiki and other touch therapies under massage licensing or similar laws.  This is a very current issue facing Reiki practitioners.  Last fall efforts in New Jersey were successful at opposing such legislation and a petition in Maryland recently resulted in such a licensing measure being pulled from consideration. 

     We’ll examine, NHA’s strategic efforts to oppose such legislation, a Reiki Professional Standards initiative, what you can do in your area and other ways to get involved in this critical issue.

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