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Beaded Intentions

     Beaded Intentions offers prayer beads, rosaries, pendulums, necklaces and bracelets that are inspired by crystal healing techniques, and spiritual practices from several traditions.  Each item is hand-crafted in Toronto from quality semiprecious stones, and energized with Reiki and sacred chants. Custom consultations and repair services are also available.

     A 10% discount will be offered to conference attendees, along with an opportunity to win a set of chakra beads.

Jikiden Reiki - USA

     Mari Hall has a healing and wholeness center located in Houston, TX where she mentors the larger Reiki community and represents Jikiden Reiki and Arjava Petter in the USA. Mari teaches Shoden (Level One) and Okuden (Level Two) courses both in Texas at her center and abroad. She also treats clients using Jikiden Reiki.
     At the Conference Mari will have a raffle prize and 10% sale on her prayer beads!

Lana Burnley

     Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the vast array of choices for skincare, haircare and nutrition available on the market today?   We take the guesswork out of personal care with pure & safe products that are not only safe from harmful toxins, carcinogens, free of animal by-products, PETA approved, Gluten free AND also work effectively.  We have something for the whole family including weight management.

     Lana will be offering FREE Shipping on your first order at the conference.

Rochelle Hamilton

     Rochelle is a Certified Angel Communicator and a Medium providing intuitive readings using oracle cards.  Rochelle connects with your angels and spirit guides to gain insights on how to move forward in all areas of your life - work, personal, love, and much more.

The Healing Space

     Gabrielle loves her work as Reiki practitioner and teacher. Her business, The Healing Space,  is located right on the ocean 30 km outside of Halifax. She is a Dai Shihan (teacher) of the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto. She teaches workshops up to assistant teacher level at her beautiful space. Students who come from away can stay at the cottage during the seminar.  She will also travel to other cities in Canada in order to teach.  Since 1998 she volunteers Reiki therapy at different locations in the hospital in Halifax.

Lorinda Weatherall

     The focus of Lorinda’s Reiki practice is twofold:  1. Train the amateur and professional student to the highest possible standard, 2. Endeavor to promote Reiki to the Medical community as something valuable to patient/client care.

     Lorinda works with amateur students who are given instruction in two stages with a six week break in-between to gain experience and practice.  The professional student is one who would like to work within the medical community.  This student has 30 hours of instruction, broken up into three hour segments for 10 weeks. Both sets of students are required to submit a journal of their personal self-practice changes and document 10 case studies. An exam is at the end of the course to test the student’s knowledge of Reiki and course material.
     Lorinda's book addresses some of the concerns the medical community has with Complementary therapists
  and she will be giving away 5 copies of my book Integrative Healing Merging with Modern Medicine. 

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