Mari Hall is a multifaceted woman; a Life Skills Coach, Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. Her focus is on providing individual and couples skills to return to a balanced state. She specializes in stress reduction, women’s’ issues and family mediation services. Her goals are to continue to inspire people to remember their birthright and live life fully.


     Mari has been a teacher/practitioner of Reiki for over 30 years. She has a private practice and also does distance work and phone consultations. She travels to teach all over the world.


     She taught and lived in Europe for over 18 years. During that time she founded and still directs the International Association of Reiki. Through this association she has taught over 50,000 people Reiki and authored and had 9 books published on Reiki in many different languages.


     In 2009 Mari met Tadao Yamaguchi in Bogotá, Columbia where they were speaking at a Reiki Conference with Arjava Petter. She took her first Shoden and Okuden courses in Bogotá with Tadao and Arjava. She became a Shihan Kaku or assistant teacher of Jikiden Reiki in May 2011 and has assisted in a large number of courses since 2009 with Arjava. The seminars replicate those taught in 1930s and are based on over 65 years of treatment experience. She became a Shihan in May 2013.

     Mari is also a designer of very special one of kind prayer beads. Her designs incorporate precious and semi precious stones and prayer. She has an extensive web site devoted to the use of prayer, mantras and beads for health and harmony.

Dr. Richard Nahas


      Dr. Richard Nahas was an ER physician in when the SARS outbreak gripped the city. He was on the team of doctors that was treating people with SARS for six months, and then decided to take a break from medicine and see the world. What originally began as an extended vacation, turned into a search to understand the deeper truth about health, illness and healing. This led him to many countries, where he studied and worked with traditional healers from around the world. Dr. Nahas was transformed by his journey, and returned to his native Ottawa to share what he had learned.

     He founded The Seekers Centre for Integrative Medicine in 2006 and it has being growing ever since. In 2013 the team decided to focus exclusively on treating chronic pain with part of their effort to measure outcomes. By doing so they can collect more meaningful data for research and ultimately change how healthcare is delivered. 

     Dr. Nahas is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa and the Undergraduate Unit Director in the Faculty of Medicine also at the University of Ottawa.

Glenn Rumbell BA, LL.B


     Glenn Rumbell is business lawyer, a director of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP) and general advocate for the alternative health and wellness community. He is the author of the “The Holistic Nutritionist’s Guide to Lawful Practice in Canada”, writes a regular column “The Legal Corner” about the business of providing alternative health and wellness services in Canada, and is a lecturer with Grapple Law – an online professional development video series for legal professionals.

     Glenn is a graduate of the University of Toronto magna cum laude, Osgoode Hall Law School, a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and founding partner or Ross Rumbell Professional Corporation, a business law boutique operating in Toronto, Canada.



     After the life altering event of her husband’s illness, and holding the threads of her family together, Brenda was gifted with a 5 minute Reiki session which changed her life forever.

     Connecting with Reiki helped Brenda to understand that there is more to our life experience than the flesh and bones that we see. She learned that we are truly energetic beings which have the potential to assist one another in ways very foreign to her nursing training. She learned that wellness is dependent on wellbeing in the energetic as well as the physical being, and that to have true happiness one must address the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

     Brenda is a Reiki Master Teacher, and has studied other modalities of Therapeutic Touch, and Integrated Energy Therapy. She is always seeking new and varied ways of working with the biomatrix. She is also the Founder and Host of The Healthy Wealthy Evolution, a telesummit series in which she interviews many wonderful and enlightened minds of our times in the realm of reaching our fullest health and wellbeing potentials.


Lorinda weatherall


     Lorinda started her volunteering career with Hospice Simcoe, in Barrie ten years ago. She was invited to join one of their three volunteer programs – Circle of Friends. This was a support group for those who were dealing with a life threatening illness and needed to talk about their experiences. Initially, Lorinda offered Reiki to any group member during the ‘tea and chat’ portion of the meeting. Once Hospice House Simcoe opened its ten residential beds in December 2009, Lorinda was given the opportunity to share Reiki with any of the residents’ their family members and any onsite volunteers and staff.

     It took some gentle suggesting and providing peer-reviewed research to persuade the Hospice administration that having Reiki and other Complementary Therapies would be a good accompaniment to the palliative care Hospice provides. 

     Lorinda created the (Barrie) Hospice Reiki program by blending the Hospice volunteer guidelines with the 2010 draft policy of Hospice Association of Ontario.



     Marci Burgess has always cared deeply about the world and all the beings in it.  As a young woman she advocated for several social justice and environmental issues - from anti-nukes to save-the-whales - and spent several years working for Aboriginal organizations. She eventually became a lawyer, but soon discovered that there just wasn't enough justice in the justice system. So she switched seats at the negotiating table and works as a Mediator, helping people resolve their disputes in a more co-operative way.

Still noticing that the material world didn't offer enough, she started down her spiritual path, becoming a yoga teacher in 2004, a Reiki practitioner in January 2011, and a Reiki Master in May 2012. An animal lover since birth, the main focus of her Reiki practice has been with animals.

She is a teaching member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association, committed to bringing Reiki to animals in shelters and sanctuaries, and to the staff and volunteers who care for them. Her latest clients - and teachers - were the wolves, bears, mountain lions and foxes at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Arizona.  Marci is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Gabrielle Gietzen


     Gabrielle was a naturopath and grief counsellor in Germany before she immigrated to Canada with her family in 1997. A few months before she moved she received her first Reiki training and was fascinated by the Healing Hands approach.  She met a Canadian Reiki Master after a year of settling in and then in 1999 became a Reiki Master herself.

     In 2004 she repeated the Master training with Frank Arjava Petter in England. In 2005 Gabrielle started with Jikiden Reiki in Germany with Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi, became a Shihan (teacher) in 2007 and Dai Shihan in 2012. She loves practicing and teaching Reiki at her Healing Space and travels to Montreal and Ottawa to hold seminars. She offers Reiki practice groups twice a month for her students as an ongoing support and to build a Reiki community. Every fall she organizes seminars for Mr. Yamaguchi in Halifax.

     Gabrielle volunteers in the hospitals in Halifax and has been doing so since 1998. She started on the Palliative Care unit, slowly introducing Reiki to patients and staff. In 2006 she was honoured to be invited to a group of therapists who offer complimentary therapies in the ‘Sunshine Room’ (hospital). Massage, Reflexology, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki are introduced to cancer patients and caregivers. In 2009 Gabrielle added ‘The Lodge That Gives’ (Canadian Cancer Society) to her list of places where she volunteers giving Reiki. Reiki is the love of her life (beside her family of course) and she always mentions that for her ‘Reiki is compassion in action’ (Chiyoko Yamaguchi).



    Sue Pfeffer, M Ed, RP-CRA is an educator who had a 28 career as an elementary teacher, principal and finally superintendent of education with a public board in Toronto. She is now an independent educational consultant who works with a non-profit organization providing innovative programming for K-12 students.

    Sue has a small business practicing Reiki with people and animals. In addition, she is a Reiki volunteer who works with cancer patients and their caregivers each week at Wellspring Westerkirk House at Sunnybrook in Toronto.