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Brenda will share with you the truth about the science behind the magic of Reiki. The benevolent use of Reiki in healthcare actually raises the vibrational frequency of the recipient and enacts a change that can be scientifically measured. This is a wonderful opportunity to enrich your practice with this joy-filled, fact filled presentation.

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This session will focus specifically on programs incorporating Reiki for patients in a variety of healthcare settings.  Learn how the programs got started, how they incorporate Reiki, the bumps in the road and how their programs since have been accepted and expanded.  Take away ideas from our panel members for beginning or joining a program in your local area.

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8:30 am Animal Reiki with Marci Burgess

9:30 am Government Legislation and the Practice of Reiki

with Glenn Rumbell BA, LL.B

4:00 pm "Where Science Meets Spirit" with Brenda Pearce

Marci will introduce us to the world of Reiki for animals. She'll share enchanting stories of her journey and heartfelt work with animals, small and large. Learn why animal Reiki is different, bumps in the road and insights in working with animals. Whether you have an animal Reiki practice, would like to start one or even if you don't anticipate practicing with animals in a professional manner you'll enjoy this enlightening presentation. And you may learn something to help you with your own beloved pets!

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11:45 am Lunch (on your own)

1:15 pm Networking Event and Meet the Presenters

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5:15 pm Closing Remarks

7:15 am Registration

8:00 am Welcome & Introduction

Mari Hall is the Founder and Director of the International Association of Reiki. Through this association she has taught over 50,000 people Reiki. Mari has been a Reiki practitioner/teacher for over 30 years though she currently teaches only Jikiden Reiki.  
She is also the Best Selling Author of: 'Practical Reiki', 'Reiki for Common Ailments', 'Reiki for the Soul', 'Reiki for the Soul, the 11th doorway', and 'Reiki, Practical Ways to Harmony.'  Her books on Reiki have been published in many different languages.

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10:45 am Keynote Presentation with Mari Hall

"In The Heart Of Reiki There Is Only Love"

2:15 pm Panel Discussions - Healthcare Settings Incorporating Reiki

     with Sue Pfeffer, Gabrielle Gietzen, Richard Nahas MD, CCFP, and Lorinda Weatherall

There is an ongoing issue in Canada and the United states over the regulation of Reiki, other touch therapies and all forms of alternative healing. And it is being fought on many fronts because what happens in one jurisdiction sets a precedent for what is likely to happen in another. Many provinces and states, including Ontario, maintain expanding lists of controlled ‘acts’ – activities that may only be performed by authorized regulated health professionals and by no-one else. Are any of the services you provide to your clients on this list? What are the emerging regulatory trends we all need to watch out for? Join us for this important segment.

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