Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio - Tracy Houchins

Tracy Houchins is an International Reiki Centre For Reiki Teaching (IRCT) Sr. Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Sacred Healing Hand Wellness Studio, where she teaches all levels of Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, and Metta Reiki® Master classes.  She s a certified Soul Coach and Past Life Coach. Tracy has also developed an advanced style of Reiki called Metta Reiki®.

Raffle:  Sign up for our email announcements & your name will be entered into a raffle for a 90-minute Reiki session with Tracy.  You don’t have to be present to win.


Aziza Doumani Reiki & Wellbeing - Aziza Doumani

At Aziza Doumani Reiki & Wellbeing, Aziza offers Reiki and Chakra Balancing for people and companion animals, and wellbeing mentoring for living your most celebrated life.  Aziza teaches all levels of Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Animal Reiki for Reiki Practitioners, and Animal Reiki I & II for beginners desiring to focus on animals.

For your wellbeing, Aziza provides guided imagery for manifesting goals from the physical to spiritual. She holds workshops for healing, spiritual emergence, and awakening the soul through creative arts and movement. This includes Chakradance™, an evocative, free-movement dance of self-discovery, among other expressive art processes.

Animal Reiki treatments are conducted in the secure environment of your pet’s home. Sessions are supported by positive reinforcement behavioral solutions, and holistic remedies.

Register for a chance to win a grand gift bag of a Reiki session, a Chakradance Introductory workshop, and 10% off any Reiki class. May purchase additional chances.

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La Luna Healing Arts - Nancy Andrews

At La Luna Healing Arts, Nancy Andrews offers Intuitive Readings and Energy Work (Karuna, SSR and Usui Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Balancing, Crystal Healing and more). She also offers Moon Meditations, Intuitive Development Classes and Reiki Training at Locations in Fells Point, Columbia, and Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Nancy uses Oracle cards, crystals, music and sound, aromatherapy, healing touch and her own intuition to provide the best healing and spiritual guidance in each session. Every session is personalized for the needs of each client. Please contact Nancy at 443-257-5948 or at

Intuitive Readings at Expo Prices! 15 minutes for only $20!

Moments In Time: A Gift - Patricia Ann Venter

Patricia Venter is a Reiki Master Teacher and creator of Reiki Plus More, featuring Reiki Levels I with an Introduction to Reiki II, Reiki III (Master Teacher) that includes design/theory with an apprenticeship concept. The novice Reiki Masters who complete this program are invited, as a means to enhancing their teaching skills, to assist Patricia in teaching a new series of Reiki I, II, III classes. The manual for Reiki Plus More is being registered at the Library of Congress for publication. Patricia is the author of “Moments in Time – A Gift: A Personal Progression of Human Development in Spirituality. She is a member of the Board of Directors at a Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies in Massachusetts. She is a retired Diversity Program Director from Northeastern University

Patricia will have her book/manual available for sale on the day of the conference at reduced prices. Take some time to chat with her and get her manual.

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Blue Sky Wellness - Eka Kapiotis

Take your Reiki to the next level when you add the Amethyst BioMat to your practice! Experience the delight of melting into a bed of warmth and light waves. Amethyst crystals, negative ions and far-infrared combine to enhance all styles of energy work and create a soothing, healing environment in your home or office. Enjoy a test rest at the conference and become a believer!

Reiki practitioners receive a $100 discount on the professional size Amethyst BioMat. Free shipping is available for those who order at the conference or shortly after.

Sheryl Hamza, PhD

As a Holistic Practitioner Sheryl has spent her life pursuing endeavors that improve the
wellbeing of others. Utilizing her training in Feng Shui, Reiki Practice, Organizing & Staging Sheryl
creates programs and environments that are harmonious and balanced.

Coach Tony For Healthy Living - Tony Tucci

Health coaching provides the right system, the right support, and the right accountability to help you transform your health and your body for good. Let Coach Tony help you with your transformation!

Health coaching is the perfect solution for you if what you’ve been doing is no longer working and you’re looking for something greater to get you where you want to go. If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes, like Coach Tony, or you have tried to lose weight and get your blood sugar under control but you are stuck - talk to Coach Tony.  He is there to help you uncover what has been stopping you or keeping you from having more energy, all without feeling hungry or deprived.

Visit Coach Tony on the day of the conference and enter  a drawing to win a 14 day cleanse or email him at


Reiki Goddess Jewelry - Kathie Bray

Kathie Bray creates handmade jewelry that  is fun, whimsical and infused with Reiki energy to enhance each piece with special healing for the person who is wearing it. She offers a wide variety of handmade glass beads, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, unique pendants,  and sterling silver products.

Special discounts will be available for all attendees on the day of the conference. Stop in to find your perfect piece!

Contact us if You would like a spot!

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Jikiden Reiki USA

Frank Arjava Petter is one of the most respected Reiki teachers in the world and an avid historian of Reiki. He is the author of 10 books on Reiki. His first book, REIKI FIRE, brought new information to the forefront about Reiki’s founder, Mikao Usui. He was a student of Chiyoko Yamaguchi and her son, Tadao.

Arjava now teaches worldwide for the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan.  He is the vice-representative of the Institute and is authorized to teach assistant teachers and teachers as well as the two basic courses, Shoden and Okuden.
At the conference Deborah and Terri will answer any questions you have about Jikiden Reiki, classes with Arjava, or help you sign up for his next class. It is scheduled for May 2017 in Virginia Beach and New Orleans.
Arjava’s book, THIS IS REIKI, which was published in 2012 is a landmark history of Reiki in Japan. His latest book ONE WITH REIKI examines the spiritual dimensions of Reiki. These books will be available for purchase at the conference.

Stop in for a chat with Deborah and Terri to learn more, purchase a book, or to have a 20-minute Reiki session for only $20.

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Wings Unfurled

Wings Unfurled is here to offer you guidance and messages from your Angels. Mary connects with her Angelic guidance and channels beautiful, loving messages that your team wants you to know. If you have life questions or feel stuck or just want to experience the Angels loving you up, then come have a reading. The Angels are smiling.

At the conference Mary will be offering a 15 minute Angel Reading for $20. Don't miss it!

Nerium International - Sheryl & Bryant Hamza

Sheryl and Bryant Hamza sell anti aging skin care creams and a mental health supplement marketed under the name Nerium.

At the conference they will be signing people up to receive their products and showing slides and videos displaying information about both the products and the business. Sample products will be available at the table so please stop by and ask.

Intuitive Healing Spirits - Harriet Shager

Reiki Healing and Reiki Training --- All Levels. Healing attunements, Aura Clearings; Private Readings; Psychic Development Classes and Coaching; Paranormal Investigations -- clearing people, places and things.

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Lasting Light Wellness - Kelly Neylan

At Lasting Light Wellness you will find Energy Healing & Workshops, 8 types of Reiki, Distance Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, Bioridian, Energetic Wellbeing Process/\, Reflexology, Yoga, Peruvian Shamanism and Shamanic Reiki.

They have a wide range of products including: crystals, wands, pendulums, chakra sets, Native American Healing Oils containing crystals, crystal coated vibrational jewelry, sage, crystal malas, smokeless sage spray, crystal infused water bottles, meditation pads, and incense.

On the day of the conference they will be offering 15 minute healing sessions for $20. They are also offering $20 off a future session when you book an appointment on at the conference.

Infinite Love Healing

Adam Trope will be offering several different types of healing and readings to help people on their own unique paths wherever they might be on those.  Infinite Love Healing is a new dynamic healing system that communicates directly with the subconscious at unprecedented speeds, efficiency, and efficacy while also utilizing the power of prayer and bringing in divine healing energy to transform lives.  It has a vast array of uses, but normally the main focus is on changing people’s no longer useful and limiting, fear-based subconscious beliefs, as well as removing and transmuting trauma energy in the body.  Soul Plan is the return of an ancient system from the Kaballah recently rebrought forward into the world by Blue Marsden (UK) that utilizes the vibrations of a person’s birth name, numerology, and sacred geometry to outline a person’s challenges, talents, goals, and soul destiny in both worldly and spiritual dimensions within this lifetime and prescribes remedies or advice to help maximize one’s potential.  He also offers Usui and Karuna Reiki and Reiki Tummo.

Sign up for an Infinite Love Healing session or Soul Plan reading at the conference and receive a $25 discount off the full rate.

Animal Reiki Alliance - Kathleen Lester

Mission: To promote complementary healing practices and enhance compassionate care for animals, through quality education and exemplary standards of practice.

Training for Human Companions: The Animal Reiki Alliance provides education and training, including Animal Reiki Levels I, II and III, Animal Communication, private Reiki classes, and coaching. We also offer hands on practice sessions for students to enhance their skills.

Reiki & Communication for Animal Companions: We provide in person Animal Reiki Sessions in your home, farm or location, providing individualized care and healing plans for you animal companion(s). Additionally, we provide distance Reiki and Animal Communication Sessions. We work with all animals, to heal on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Conference Attendees receive 25% off any service or class with the Animal Reiki Alliance (Offer good for one year/expires November 11, 2017).