Donna Audia

"Record Keeping: What You Need to Know About It"

Whether you have a professional Reiki practice or not, you'll want to hear this valuable presentation. Are you keeping records?  Are you keeping appropriate records and safeguarding personal information properly?  Is the information you document subject to HIPPA or is there client data you shouldn't document for Reiki treatments?  

In this engaging presentation, Donna will answer these questions and more, thoroughly covering - the who, what, and where of appropriate record keeping. She’ll also share the most important why and how.  Why it is so important and how to best document your sessions & avoid pitfalls.

There is a saying in medicine - if it isn't in the chart it didn't happen.  Find out what you need to know about this crucial step in your treatment sessions. Anyone who practices Reiki including nurses and other medical personnel will benefit from the knowledge Donna shares on appropriate documentation of a Reiki session.

Ian haag

"Vibrational Poetry"

Immediately captivating, Ian’s soulful eloquence and passion with the Native American style flute carries messages of harmony, peace and personal empowerment. When Ian performs, it takes only a moment to acknowledge the profound spirituality of the sacred Native American style flute and its historical courtship and beautiful attributes. His haunting music is much more than a song …it’s liquid poetry, a prayer.

He offers ongoing group and private Native American style Flute classes, and enjoys opening up others to the beauty and medicine that the flute can offer all.  He proudly released his first his first album “Between Worlds” in May 2014. He had performed throughout the country and has a prized collection of over 50 flutes.

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Valarie haag

"Reiki & Children: Caring for the Highly Sensitive"

Many children today are very sensitive, highly intuitive, and so many have been placed on the “Spectrum”. These children can struggle greatly with learning or behavioral challenges and are often plagued with fear, worry, and anxiety. We can choose to see these highly sensitive children through a different lens—beyond labels or pathology—as energetic beings with innate abilities and gifts that deserve to be recognized, cherished and nurtured. Valarie has helped many children achieve success in emotional, social and academic areas using Reiki in her private practice over many years.

In this presentation she will share unique techniques that you can add to your Reiki practice when working with children. Through her experiences and insights you will find how Reiki can be an amazing tool for families experiencing special needs situations, how it can be of benefit regardless of the cause, and can provide soothing moments for parents and kids alike.

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Robert Fueston

"The Teachings of Mrs. Takata: A Research Based Approach"

Researcher Robert Fueston will be highlighting the similarities between the Reiki story of Usui Sensei as told by the Memorial Stone, Mrs. Takata, and the Gakkai’s Shiori. There is a misnomer that Mrs. Takata was only interested in treating the physical but Robert will show how her teachings explicitly state otherwise. He will explain why Mrs. Takata insisted the Spiritual aspect of Reiki was first, the Physical treatments were considered secondary, and why you really need both. This will be tied into the pre-amble to the Precepts created by Usui Sensei and how Mrs. Takata’s story highlights what Usui Sensei taught.

Robert will also discuss the Reiki Channel as described by Mrs. Takata and he will touch on the fact that Mrs. Takata was working on a book before she died so not all of her teaching was meant to be an oral history. Lastly, he will show how the Reiki system’s treatment hand placements as shown in Hayashi's book and Takata's teachings are from Traditional Asian Medical Theory. He will clearly demonstrate that the system of Reiki is derived from Asian Medical Theory (what is often referred to as TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Rickie Freedman

"From Passion to Profession - Yes You Can!"

As a Reiki Practitioner for many years, Rickie wanted to share her Passion in a place dedicated to Healing and Learning, and decided to open her own Reiki Practice. She believed that it was possible to have a thriving Reiki practice based on Love and Service, if you "Follow your Heart AND do it Smart!" 

Rickie Freedman will share her evolution from Physical Therapist to Full-Time Reiki Master/Teacher including the Manifestation and Creation of Harrisburg PA's first Reiki Center: "Reiki by Rickie ~ ReikiSpace & Learning Place". She describes how the Reiki Healing Principles guide her every choice. She will discuss the Energetics of Business Management, The Law of Attraction in Action, and how you can use these lessons in all areas of your life. Rickie will leave you with tips and suggestions on how YOUR Reiki Practice, in any setting, can be Successful.

Open yourself to ALL Possibilities of whatever is next for YOU!

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Raven Keyes

"The Blessings of Reiki in the Modern World"

Best selling author Raven Keyes will offer the Keynote Address, The Blessings of Reiki in the Modern World. Few Reiki practitioners have had an opportunity to share Reiki as Raven has – she has administered Reiki before, during, and after surgery.  She will share her insights and observations since first entering the operating room with Dr. Mehmet Oz more than a decade ago. Raven will address what she has seen, how the medical staff view Reiki, and how it has been helpful. She will address Reiki research and its findings so far as it relates to surgery, and discuss the upcoming research by Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, Chief of Breast Cancer Surgery at New York Presbyterian, Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Feldman is also the President of the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBS).

Raven has been trailblazing Reiki into new arenas for over 20 years. Her riveting tales of working with surgeons, rescue & recovery workers after 9/11, and professional athletes bring insight into the scope of Reiki’s effectiveness in healing the ills and challenges of the modern world. Her powerful stories will inspire Reiki practitioners, those considering Reiki as a profession, and anyone interested in adding Reiki to their protocol for personal healing. The dramatic events in the diverse areas of her career offer other healing professions a birds-eye view into the enormous potential of how adding Reiki to their existing disciplines might impact their clients and patients.

Raven also has opened the door for Reiki in the NBA and NFL. She will explain how her previous work with professional athletes in the NFL is opening doors that were previously closed, and how the seriousness of injuries in the NFL has caused attitudes to change regarding Reiki.

Lastly, Raven will offer her thoughts on the lessons learned from her work and how these lessons might be applied in other areas for new or established practitioners.